Bahia Street

9 02 2010

É ai, batuqueiros?!

It’s been a long time. I know, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

Carnaval is right around the corner, so I know many people have party and celebration on their minds – as well they should. I just wanted to take a second to point out a great project that deserves some celebration as well. It’s called Bahia Street.

Here’s the quick description- It is a school dedicated to uplifting impoverished members of the AfroBrasilian community of Bahia by providing education and basic needs to a group of young girls in Salvador. Bahia Street run for the people of Bahia, by the people of Bahia. I’d love to explain better, but it’s kind of complicated. You would be better served to check out their website site, or better yet, purchase the book Dance Lest We All Fall Down

It’s a great idea and a great cause. Check out their site for ways to help – though, I’m sure donations are ALWAYS helpful.

Just for fun, I found a video that some girls from the school put together on YouTube. Muita bonitinha! Axé!


Announcing Ritmos Do Brasil at UCSB!

24 11 2009

Hey Batuqueiros, UCSB students, and anyone else interested in Afro-Brazilian culture. Check out our newest extension the Capoeira Batuque Santa Barbara family- The Rhythms of Brazil Club on the UCSB campus.

Meetings are every Thursday at the African Diasporic Resource Center in the SRB building. The last meeting of 2009 will be December 3rd.

The club covers Afro-brazilian history, culture, Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian Dance, Music and will host several great dance and capoeira events to support and grow Capoeira Batuque. You’ll also get the most up to date news about classes and events in the Santa Barrbara, Goleta, and Carpenteria area.

We’re in good hands, as Rhythms of Brazil is operating under the guidance and direction of Contra-Mestre Mariano Silva, and in cooperation with Brazilian Cultural Arts Center, Santa Barbara.

Ritmos do Brasil is open to any and all members of the community. You only have to bring an open mind and plenty of Axé.

For more info contact Vika 323-646-2184
You can also find us on Facebook liste as Rhythms of Brazil Cultural Club @ UCSB

Come learn about the beauty of Afro-Brasilian Culture

Movement of Liberation in LA

18 11 2009

Hey Capoeiristas,

More exciting events for the upcoming weekend.

Capooera Batuque is hosting a great Event this weekend, honoring Zumbi. It starts Friday, Nov. 20th and continues all weekend. There are going to be plenty of amazing workshops and performances. For the most up to date pricing and information check out the Capoeira Batuque website at CapoeiraBatuque.Org (if you haven’t checked it out lately, the new site looks pretty sweet!)

Some highlights – special guests Mestre Nego Gato & Mestre Suelly, as well as a performance by the Batuque Kids!

You can also check out the event on facebook – Honoring Zumbi with Capoeira Batuque

Come Celebrate Zumbi Dos Palmares with Capoeira Batuque SB

16 11 2009

Come check out our event at EOS in SB this weekend. We are going to start at 9:30 PM on Friday night (November 21st), and there promises to be plenty of Axé in the house. Contre Mestre Mariano Silva (BANDA PRAKANTAR) and Pyata Penedo (BELEZA PURA) are going to be performing and providing the energy, while you get the chance to enjoy a few drinks and dance.

The EOS LOUNGE will also feature DJ$ along with a very special guest DJ ITAI SHAPIRA, who is coming up from Zanzibar to add some Brazilian, Latin, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, House, Afro Beat, Dancehall flavor.

Keep an eye out for the Samba performers as well as very good chance of a capoeira roda…

One last note – this is all to help support our upcoming Semi-Annual batizado, so not only is it going to be a great party, but it’s going to help perpetuate art in culture in Santa Barbara. Pretty sweet, right?

For more info check out the event on Facebook

Capoeira Batuque SB Honors Zumbi dos Palmares

Zumbi Dos Palmares - Liberdade

Join Capoeira Batuque Santa Barbara on FaceBook

19 10 2009

We’re also on FaceBook

Capoeira Dance SB

You know what FaceBook is, and you know what it’s all about. So if you want the latest news and updates, including our upcoming show at SoHo on Dec.4th, add us as a friend.

Oi Batuqueiros! Summer Solstice Update

17 06 2009

The Solstice Parade is just around the corner and Capoeira Batuque-Santa Barbara is just about ready to go! We’ve got practice at the studio on Wednesday at 9:30 PM after class, and one last practice on Thursday (contact Mariano for practice time). This weekend promises to be an amazing event, with our Capoeira Encounter on Friday and the Parade on Saturday.

Axé da Bahia is coming to Santa Barbara!

Axé da Bahia is coming to Santa Barbara!

Just for fun…

1 06 2009

Just because we haven’t made many posts lately, and this video has a lot of the flavor that Capoeira Batuque is trying to bring to Santa Barbara. Enjoy.