Bahia Street

9 02 2010

É ai, batuqueiros?!

It’s been a long time. I know, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

Carnaval is right around the corner, so I know many people have party and celebration on their minds – as well they should. I just wanted to take a second to point out a great project that deserves some celebration as well. It’s called Bahia Street.

Here’s the quick description- It is a school dedicated to uplifting impoverished members of the AfroBrasilian community of Bahia by providing education and basic needs to a group of young girls in Salvador. Bahia Street run for the people of Bahia, by the people of Bahia. I’d love to explain better, but it’s kind of complicated. You would be better served to check out their website site, or better yet, purchase the book Dance Lest We All Fall Down

It’s a great idea and a great cause. Check out their site for ways to help – though, I’m sure donations are ALWAYS helpful.

Just for fun, I found a video that some girls from the school put together on YouTube. Muita bonitinha! Axé!