Besouro – The Movie

29 07 2009

Okay, so I’m on a roll. Two posts in one day… I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. Besouro (in the US i think they’re going to call it Beetle) the movie is coming out, and the trailers are available on YouTube. Most of the trailers seem to be pretty rough edits, but the movie looks like it could quickly become a capoeira classic.

We’ve all likely seen capoeira in martial arts films by now (Only The Strong!), but this movie is intriguing because not only does it include capoeira, but it goes back to explore one of the legendary figures of capoeira. Most capoeiristas have sang a song or two about Besouro Manganga, but how many of us have heard the history of this capoeira legend and his corpo fechado? I’m hopeful that this movie will not only shed light on the life of Besouro Manganga, but some of the struggle that capoeiristas in the past had to go through so we can continue vadiando for fun and sport today. What we take for granted, was life and death to many. Take a look at the trailer below. Like I said… it looks like it’s going to be a good one.


Brazilian Boat Party!

29 07 2009

Hey, sorry again for slacking on fresh updates, but here you go. We’ve got a big one for you.

Cruise the Santa Barbara Harbor while listening to live Brazilian Band “Prakantar” (Samba/reggae/funk/batucada)
$35 Ticket includes 1 free drink and BBQ Plate.

This event is sponsored by Live Culture Lounge
Join us there for an after party at 11 W. De La Guerra Paseo Nuevo Mall

For Tickets and Info Call Vika (323) 646-2184
or Jessamyn (928)273-6355



Oi Batuqueiros! Summer Solstice Update

17 06 2009

The Solstice Parade is just around the corner and Capoeira Batuque-Santa Barbara is just about ready to go! We’ve got practice at the studio on Wednesday at 9:30 PM after class, and one last practice on Thursday (contact Mariano for practice time). This weekend promises to be an amazing event, with our Capoeira Encounter on Friday and the Parade on Saturday.

Axé da Bahia is coming to Santa Barbara!

Axé da Bahia is coming to Santa Barbara!

A Quick Thank You To Our Local Sponsors!

3 06 2009

Hey, we’re really excited for the opportunity to bring more Axé to Santa Barbara in the upcoming Solstice Parade – as usual we couldn’t do it without the help and contributions of a lot of people.

So special thanks to Capoeira Batuque, Mariano’s Batucada School & Mariano Silva Productions, La Playa Azul Café, Fresco Café, Stacie Anthes Vocal Coach, The Alternative Copy Shop, PPD Pure Power Distribution, Forte Stone, Café Shell, Edomasa, Mogley’s Tattoo, Café Luna, Chava Embroidery, Brasil Stone, & Méditerranée Antiques! Thanks for all your support!

Taking it to the streets...

Taking it to the streets...

Just for fun…

1 06 2009

Just because we haven’t made many posts lately, and this video has a lot of the flavor that Capoeira Batuque is trying to bring to Santa Barbara. Enjoy.

Santa Barbara Solstice Parade Updates!

1 06 2009

Carlinhos Brown Carnaval Bahia

Carlinhos Brown Carnaval Bahia

Let’s kick off this summer with an experience of a lifetime. Like in Brazil, the Carnaval is a day of coming together and being with family and friends to celebrate the joy of life. From children to grandparents, this even is for everyone! Come experience the tradition that has been celebrated for decades in Brazil!

The Solstice Parade will be taking place on Saturday, June 20th, 2009. For 2 rehearsals and the costume to participate in the parade the cost is going to be $60.00 for adults and $35.00 for children. We are going to have a group of over 40 drummers coming to inspire some dancing and to fill the street with Bahian spirit!

We are going to have several guests, including the world renowned percussionist Mestre Amen Santo, professional dancers from Bahia, Prakantar, and Mariano’s Batucada School. It is our mission to bring the Axé of Bahia to the streets of Santa Barbara.

Capoeira as Theory – by Mariano Silva

22 04 2009

New students to capoeira often wonder exactly what they are getting into. Here is a brief explanation from Contra Mestre Mariano….

Angola Bahia


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form and dance that involves music, ritual and movement. Capoeira was created by African slaves, in Brazil, approximately 400 years ago. Music was an integral part of the discipline because it taught rhythm. Played in a ritual roda (circle), the prehistoric berimbau stringed bow instrument sets the pace and swing of the capoeira jogo (game). Today Capoeira is Brazil’s second national sport and is gaining popularity throughout the world. It can be done by anyone of any age or size.

There are three main aspects of capoeira music, movement and discipline. Without these three things the art form is not complete. The significance of music to capoeira is that it creates the atmosphere to play the game. Through learning about the different instruments and songs people gain emotional discipline, mental acuity and become unified as a group. This unification increases a sense of acceptance and understanding with the world around you.

While the music sets the tone for the game the movement is what brings it alive. Through structured movements and sequences, students learn coordination, balance and gain strength. Along with structure there is also an aspect of self-expression where each player develops their own style of play. During each class students will be challenged both physically and mentally. After overcoming each obstacle they will increase their self-esteem with a sense of accomplishment.

As in any sport discipline plays a major role by attributing to the conduct of the game. With discipline players learn to respect their teacher and other players. In capoeira, discipline is very important to learn patience, control the movements and follow the rules of the game.

The music, movements and discipline learned through capoeira will be carried by students into other aspects of their lives. Challenges, language skills, courage, self-esteem, and friendships are all parts of life, and must be integrated when learning capoeira. Capoeira can be a life changing experience and the benefits will be noticed long in to the future.

Capoeira Batuque Santa Barbara