Contra Mestre Mariano Silva

The Santa Barbara Capoeira community has been fortunate to have Contra Mestre Mariano Silva leading and teaching Capoeira Batuque since 2000.

Marcos Mariano Silva began dancing and practicing capoiera at age 11. After graduating with a degree in Physical Education for Youth, Marcos Mariano spent many years in Brasil teaching young people. He founded Groupo de Capoeira Angola Renascer, which provided outreach programs and assistance for underprivileged children. Marcos Mariano came to the United States from Salvador, Bahia Brazil in 2000. His skills as a capoeirista and dancer were recognized by renowned Master Amen Santo who invited Mariano to travel with Ballet Folclorico Do Brasil. He showed throughout the United States, choreographing and dancing to sold-out audiences. After touring with the Ballet, Master Amen Santo extended his invitation to Mariano, and encouraged the development of a school of capoeira and Afro Brasilian dance in Southern California. Over the past three years, Marcos Mariano has established a successful school based out of Santa Barbara, while traveling nationally to teach workshops. His classes include capoeira for adults and children, and dance for all ages. Through local performances, the school is a direct outreach to the community of Santa Barbara. Through the years, Marcos Mariano’s work has displayed the history of Brazil and the slaves that were brought there from Africa.

You can also learn more about him at his website:


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